“A true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing.
—Morihei Ueshiba
«Level Up» (2018)
Illustration Iris Samartzi
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Level Up ...is a picturebook inspired by the world of gaming and the level up mania in apps and games. It tells a different story of two game characters… A story about what power really is and what’s really worth using it for. 

"[... ] Antonis Papatheodoulou however, doesn't adopt the easy didactic path of 'spend less time playing online, life's out there and it's good'. On the contrary, he encourages the characters of a video game, liberates them from their creators, gives them will and writes an extremely original story of friendship and fair play, of cyber justice and empathy. The setting of the story lies entirely within the pixels of a video game, while the short text blends perfectly with the illustrations, sometimes skipping things out for the sake of its own power. Iris Samartzi let's the pixels of a screen define her style and architecture, giving this sense of mosaic representation of forms and objects, and perfectly capturing the heretic -for picture book- scenery where the story unfolds. [...]"
Apostolos Pappos, elniplex