"The world is not round, not yet, we have to make it round" writes Henri Michaux in "Ecuador". I find creating stories for children a way of helping make the world a little more round, more open, more fair. And I see children's books writers and illustrators, as members of a beautiful global conspiracy towards that objective.
I was born in Piraeus, Greece in 1977. Studied Computer Animation (Athens, 1995-1999) and did a Summer Course of Stop Motion & Traditional Animation Techniques (Barcelona, 2006). Before graduating from the University of Athens, I dropped my Geology degree to study Spanish Philology at the Hellenic Open University.
My first book was published in 1999. Since then I continue to write books, songs and scripts for children, to turn my books into events, workshops, readers meetings and activities, in collaboration with publishers, schools, libraries and bookstores all around Greece, as well as to translate into greek, books of authors I love and admire. 
Each and every book I write, lives an adventure of its own. Some have been translated into other languages (Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, Basque, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean), others won a lot of awards, others have been turned into theatre and puppet theatre plays. But all of them have made lots of friends among young readers and that is the greatest honour ever. (download a detailed cv)
• Anagnostis Picture Book Award 2020
 «Amalia», illustrated by Daniela Stamatiadi.
• Public Children's Book Award 2019

 “The secret handbook of the blue circle”,  illustrated by Iris Samartzi.
• Public Bookstores Special Award 2017
 “Wrong leg Billy”, illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis.
•IX International Compostela Prize for Picturebooks 2016

 “One last letter”, illustrated by Iris Samartzi.
• IBBY Greece Non Fiction Award 2015
 «Boats that sailed Imagination» co-written with Maria Angelidou
• Greek State Picturebook Book Award 2012
 «The good and the bad Pirates», illustrated by Iris Samartzi.
• IBBY Greece Illustrated Book Award 2012
 «The good and the bad Pirates», illustrated by Iris Samartzi.
• Greek State Picturebook Book Award 2011
 «The city that drove out war», illustrated by Myrto Delivoria.
• DIAVAZO Illustrated Children’s Book Award 2011 
 «The city that drove out war», illustrated by Myrto Delivoria.
• White Ravens list of the International Children’s Library of Munich.
2017 «Wrong leg Billy»
«Boats that sailed Imagination» 
 2014 «No, Miss Teacher»
 2012 «The good and the bad Pirates»
 2011 «The city that drove out war»