Wrong Leg Billy
Illustrated by: Petros Bouloubasis
Published by: Papadopoulos

A book about Billy the Octopus, about his eight feet, his eight jobs, his eight funny mistakes,  lots of rhymes and hard work!
Wrong Leg Billy won the 
Public Bookstores
Special Award 2017

and has been included in the White Ravens List 2017 of the International Children's Books Library of Munich.
The book is published in Japanese by World Library JAPAN, in Korean by SeedBook and in English by FarosBooks.

Sometimes it can happen

when Billy has a restless night

that his legs become quite muddled

and don't get their jobs quite right!

But his friends they shrug and smile and...

If one day they go with an aching head

to the doctor to make it better

and he says to add a little salt

some mustard and some pepper!

It's the chefs leg that we see today

they realise and smiling say...

Don't be silly...
wrong leg Billy!

And if one day they ask the gardener

how to help their plants grow bigger

but instead of bringing soil and pots

he arrives with a big digger!

It's the builder leg we see today

they realise and smiling say...

Don't be silly
Wrong leg Billy!