Playmobil Play & Give BOOKS 
spreading the message of  the 
Volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Bank
"Orama Elpidas"
For the 7th consecutive year, Playmobil Hellas runs the Play & Give project dedicated to supporting the Volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Bank Όραμα Ελπίδας and I have the honour to be the writer of the Children’s Books that carry the message all round Greece! 
Ask for your free copy of the latest book "Isn't it Magic?" at the Playmobil Fun Park or if you are a school teacher click here to learn how you can obtain a free copy for each and every student of your school.
 With book readings, presentations and  events all around Greece as well as internet & tv publicity, we spread the story, help sell the collective play&give figures, raising funds for Orama Elpidas and inspire children to persuade their parents to become donors right away! 
If you are not already a donor please visit this page now and learn more about the program. You might be the lucky one that will be able to give life to a child in danger.