“Peace cannot be secured entirely by commercial interests, military alliances, general disarmament or mutual treaties, unless the spirit for peace is there in the minds and will of the peoples. This is a matter of education.
― Robert Baden-Powell

«The city that drove out war» 
illustrated by Myrto Delivoria 
published by Patakis
  • National Illustrated Children’s Book Award 2011
  • Illustrated Children’s Book Award of «Diavazo» magazine 2011
  • EVGE award of the Graphic Designers Union of Greece 
  • Included in the White Ravens list of the International Children’s Library of Munich. 

«The city that drove out war» is a book about a city so different from others, that managed to win War without fighting him. Using it's own funny, different weapons. A city that we must all build inside our minds.
Since 2010 "The city that drove out war" travelled all round Greece inspiring school presentations & performances and bookstore events. It was translated into french and accompanied the Illustrator Myrto Delivoria when she was invited at the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse Seine-Saint-Denis. It was staged in 2012 by Kinitiras Dance Theatre and in the Autumn of 2016 transformed into a Puppet Theatre Play by Paramythochora with songs written by Foivos Delivorias. It is translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil by Companhia das Letrinhas.